I got the job! Now what? Why your first few days on the job determine your long-term success.

You just landed that new job for which you’ve been hoping. However, as soon as the news settles, excitement turns to panic and you think “now what?”. Change can be scary but transitioning into a new role doesn’t have to be. Read on for some best practices to adopt during your first few days on the job that can help determine your long-term success in your new position!


  • Dress the part.

First things first, you’ve got to look the part. This means learning the dress code ahead of your start date and making sure your outfits comply. Whether it’s business casual, business professional, or staying safe with required PPE (steel toe boots, lab coats, etc), you’ll want to blend in instead of sticking out. 

  • Show up early.

Another great way to impress in your new position is by showing up early. This shows enthusiasm and that you’re eager to do well in your position. Not great a getting out the door? Try adding a quick meditation or workout to your routine to help get you moving. 

  • Soak it in.

Take advantage of any training provided. These early lessons from managers and coworkers will be vital in determining your long-term success. Be present, take notes, ask lots of questions, and practice along as you learn. It may also be useful to review your training notes and walk through the steps to ensure you fully understand and don’t have any additional questions. If you get stuck, reach back out as soon as possible and ask for some additional help!

  • Take initiative.

Don’t just wait around for direction. Be ambitious, ready, and willing to work. Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s more you can do or anything else you can learn. The more you understand about the company’s “big picture,” the more poised you’ll be for success and advancement in the long term.


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